Some other scenarios where WinCounter can be used

There are many different uses for WinCounter. By connecting different sensors or switches you can use WinCounter to count or monitor a wide range of events. Here are some more examples:


WinCounter can be a cost-effective tool for your office. It can be added on to your existing computers eliminating the need to purchase separate hardware for people monitoring.

An electronic receptionist

One use for WinCounter in an office environment is to monitor a door for visitors. You can configure it to play any sound as a door chime to let you know that someone has arrived. Not only is it a door minder but it also keeps a history of the times people arrive. You can get an overview of busy times by viewing the built-in reports.

A desk bell

You can use WinCounter as a doorbell or desk bell. By connecting a simple press switch you can have it play any sound to alert you that someone has arrived. An added bonus is that you can view a history of visitor arrival times. This can help you determine when staff need to be available. It also allows you to look back and see the exact times people arrived at your office.

Door monitor

You can always use WinCounter in the standard people counter configuration to monitor arrival and departure times to and from your office.

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Production Module

WinCounter has a special add-on module designed to monitor productivity. The module allows you to enter employee data and shift information. You can keep track of each employee's productivity and produce reports that compare employees and shifts. To measure production output you can install sensors or manual switches that can be pressed each time a unit is completed. Please contact us if you would like more information on the WinCounter Production module.

Keeping Tally

Ever been distracted while counting up a tally? WinCounter doesn't loose count. By using a wireless key chain switch you can keep a running tally of anything...count up or down.

Press for Service Button

WinCounter is great for monitoring a door or counter of your warehouse or storage facility. If you have a computer near the door or on the counter, just attach a door sensor, a doorbell or a counter "press for service" button and WinCounter can be configured to play a sound when a person arrives. You can connect up to three sensors or press buttons to each WinCounter so you can monitor multiple doors or counters. The added advantage of WinCounter over a conventional doorbell or "press for service" bell is that WinCounter keeps a history of when your visitors arrived. You can use this information to help streamline your operation. You can also review the exact times that people arrived at your premises.

Door Monitor

The most common use for WinCounter using a sensor to count people as they enter a doorway can be utilised here as well.

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Trade Show

WinCounter can be a great add-on tool for trade show booths. If you have a computer or a laptop set up at your booth then you can attach a sensor or switch to WinCounter and analyze the foot traffic at your booth. The summary of this data gives you valuable information on the times and days that people visited your booth. There are two main ways to record data in this scenario.

  • Invisible beam sensors mounted on the edge of your booth or in an appropriate place. This configuration gives you an automatic record of the flow of people in and out of your booth. A basic sensor will give you an idea of relative people volumes, but it is not likely that you can get an exact count of people because they generally enter or leave through an open front booth. You can employ more sophisticated sensors, but these can become quite specialized and expensive.
  • Key chain wireless switches for booth staff. In some cases the easiest way to count people is to have your staff manually press buttons when people visit the stand. You can use an unobtrusive keychain wireless switch which only requires a simple button press to log the date and time of the visit.
  • In some cases it is possible to design your booth with a narrow entry area. If this is the case it is possible to put turnstiles, beams or mat switches to get a more accurate count.

For a more comprehensive overview of the visitors to your stand you can use more than one WinCounter and employ sensors as well as switches to monitor people.

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Display Homes

A Show Home or Display Home is a big investment. It is important to know who is visiting your show home and when. With WinCounter you can monitor exactly when people arrive and leave and keep a history for analysis later. Depending on your layout and how people enter your display home you may wish to use sensors or switches to do the counting.

  • Sensor mounted by entry. This is the most automated approach to measuring people. If you have a narrow point of entry that allows you to detect individual people you can get a reasonably accurate count of people through your home.
  • Key chain wireless switches. If you issue your staff with key-chain wireless switches you can have them manually press the button when people arrive. Because people generally visit display homes in groups it is simply a matter of pressing the button once for each person in the group. You can also use multiple button switches to record people entering and leaving. If you want you could even record children and adults or male and female using separate buttons.
  • Wired switch. This will function in a similar fashion to the wireless switch above only it is wired to the computer. This is a very cost-effective option.
  • Portable wireless sensors. By placing a portable wireless sensor in various rooms within your display home you can measure the popularity of various parts of your house.

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WinCounter is not only useful for business situations, it can be a useful addition to your home. It will take advantage of the power of your existing PC and help you monitor and count things in the background.

Gate Monitor

If you want to be warned in advance that someone has passed through your gate then you can mount an infra-red beam sensor over your gate that is connected to WinCounter. You can configure WinCounter to play any sound you want to alert you of approaching visitors. As well as alerting you at the time you can also use WinCounter's reporting module to view the history of coming and going from your property. You can see if people visited while you were away and find out the time they visited. You can find out what time your teenager got home on Saturday night or prove to the courier company that they were late delivering your package.

Doorbell with a Memory

By connecting WinCounter to a doorbell switch you can play any sound you want when someone arrives at the door. Have some fun play themes or even random sounds. The added bonus is that you can also review the history of when people arrived at your door and rang the doorbell.

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 They say "counting sheep puts you to sleep". WinCounter will stay awake and count.

Animal Counting

By using an infra-red beam sensor you can have WinCounter look after counting animals as they pass through a gate. Or you can use a manual switch to do your counting, just press it each time you want to count. If you have different types of animals to count then you can use up to three switches to keep a separate tally. Try doing that in your head!

Gate Minder

By setting up a sensor on your gate WinCounter can be used as a gate monitor. It will play any sound when something passes through the gate.

Keeping Tally

Ever been distracted while counting up a tally? WinCounter doesn't loose count. By using a wireless key chain switch you can keep a running tally of anything...count up or down.

Bird Scaring Device

If you set up a sensor in an area where you are bothered by birds or animals you can have WinCounter play a sound that scares pests off when it detects movement. You might need some good amplified speakers for this to be effective! As a bonus you can look at the graphs and see the times of day when WinCounter had to scare off pests.

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People Counter

Using WinCounter as a people counter at the entrance to your casino or between rooms can give you a valuable insight into the times and volumes of people arriving and leaving. The Professional Edition of WinCounter has the facility to attach multiple sensors, so you can track the movement of people as they move about.

Directional Counting

By mounting two sensors in the appropriate configuration, WinCounter can be configured to determine the direction people are moving as they pass the sensor.


If you have directional sensors then you can have WinCounter display an on-screen total which shows the number of people in a given area at any time. This is based on the difference between incoming and outgoing sensors. This is ideal for showing occupancy.

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