What is WinCounter?

WinCounter is software that counts occurrences of an event. It records the date and time of every count and produces reports and graphs that analyse the data.

The most common use for WinCounter is to count people as they walk through a doorway. Just mount one of a number of sensors or switches by your doorway and connect it to your computer WinCounter does the rest, counting people and logging every time the sensor or switch is activated. You can also have it act like a door minder, playing a chime or sound as people enter your door.

Use WinCounter's reporting module to produce predefined reports and graphs that show details of your potential customers as they come and go. The reports are flexible showing information ranging from the exact time someone entered your premises to the trends over years.

WinCounter is not just a people counter. With the appropriate switch or sensor attached it can count almost anything. Click here to see a range of uses for WinCounter. One example of a different use for WinCounter is for monitoring productivity in a production line. You need our Production Module to achieve this.


There are a number of different options for activating the counter. The most common interfaces are:

  • Simple passive infrared detector
  • Active light beam detector
  • Pushbutton switch for desk/wall mounting
  • Key ring wireless push-button switch

Click here for more detail on sensors and switches

Real-time Display

WinCounter can show a display on your computer screen that shows the total number of  triggers on each sensor. This display can be reset at appropriate times so you have an indication of the current count in real-time through the day.


WinCounter records all activations in a database for future analysis. The information recorded is:

  • The exact time of the activation down to one-minute intervals
  • The times that the software has been running.


Bar Graph of Reports

WinCounter produces a variety of different reports that can be configured to suit your requirements. If you need a special report, registered users can do ad-hoc analysis of data using a product like Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel. If you have a special requirement but don't want to build your own reports, we can build customised reports that will allow you to use WinCounter in a special situation. Contact us if you wish to discuss custom reports.

  • Reporting is flexible allowing selection of dates, days of the week, times etc.
  • Reports can show a summary graph, and can include a table showing the raw
    data as well.
  • All the original data is retained so you can add on reports in future.
  • We can build custom reports if you need them.


WinCounter can also play a sound every time the counter is activated. This sound comes through you PC speakers. Using this feature, WinCounter can double as a doorway minder or a doorbell.

  • Sounds can be randomly selected so you don’t get the same sound every time
  • Sounds can be organized in themes. e.g. chimes, tunes etc.