Don't guess...Count!

Too often business decisions are made based on a gut-feel for how things are going. This approach may pay off if your gut-feeling is right, but wherever possible it is best to measure exactly how your business is performing. Every business has key performance indicators that you should monitor regularly so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

If your business relies on people walking into your premises, then some of the most important performance indicators for your business are based on the number of people you have visiting.

The simple approach to pin-pointing your busy times is to ask staff when they are busy. But if you compare the actual data to the “staff feel” you will often come up with quite different results. Staff opinion on whether you are busy or not will be subjective and often varies depending on the mood of the staff member or the “atmosphere” in the store. Don’t rely on subjective information, measure it… get the facts.

Don't Guess... Count!